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The Education Horizons Group School Survey Report 2021: The Voice of Australian Educators is now available for download.

Drawing on over 1,000 responses from 589 schools, this year’s report builds on last year’s, providing unique insights into the year just gone – including a strong, ongoing school focus on buildings, property and maintenance.

AssetWhere survey results

Modern facilities are increasingly more sophisticated and complex in not only their design but their operation. Adopting a strong custodianship model supported by data is seeing Schools realise the importance of not just making it to ‘opening day’ but to showing best practice to ensure the asset reaches its life expectancy if not exceeds it.”

David BruceEducation Horizons Group Regional Solutions Manager

Capital works and facilities continue to be a major priority for schools despite the disruption of 2020.

Consistent with last year’s survey, School Leaders identified building works as their second most common investment priority for 2021 behind staff professional development. This was reflected among staff in finance roles, where building works were identified as the most common area for investment in 2021.

This ongoing commitment sits alongside the significant challenge of effective property and facilities management identified by survey respondents in 2020.

Among school administration and management staff, managing school buildings, property, construction and assets were the third most challenging area of responsibility in 2020. Not surprisingly school management staff identified improving school facilities and asset management as their top priority for 2021.

Schools are increasingly relying on information management systems to plan and coordinate both reactive and preventative maintenance, as well as construction works on site – placing system function and integration at the centre of this ongoing challenge.

In this context 

  • 72 per cent of school IT staff respondents identified their school as relying on multiple discreet systems with resulting integration challenges; 
  • 70 per cent identified the need to change at least one of their current systems in 2021; 
  • 57% of schools plan to invest in building works, whilst only 14 per cent were considering changing their asset management system; and 
  • Improving integration between systems was the most common priority identified for 2021 among this group. 

Having the right systems working together will be a major factor in helping schools meet their commitment to new building works while addressing the challenge of effective facilities management identified in 2020.

Download the full report  to review the challenges and priority identified by Australian educators in more detail.

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