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AssetWhere lets you visualise every detail of your buildings, rooms, services, assets and grounds in user-friendly maps.

We work with you to discover, collate, verify and visualise your critical property information to drive better decision-making.

Too often property records consist of unstructured project files, outdated paper plans and inaccessible CAD or PDF files – with no easy way extract and share the information you need.

This increases the risk of inaccurate or incomplete property information – compromising your ability to deliver core services and react in an emergency.

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Easily view, query and print the information you need to manage your property effectively.

AssetWhere provides a powerful database and map display browser-based solution, accessible via the cloud.

Site-wide multi-user capability means more people can access property information safely and securely, including Bursars, Business Managers, Facilities Managers, Maintenance, IT, Risk & Compliance, Events and Admin staff.

Regular AssetWhere updates and our active user community will make sure you keep getting the most out of AssetWhere, year after year.

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