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Burnside High School

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Burnside High School engaged AssetWhere to consolidate all of their property and facilities information.

Burnside used AssetWhere’s Community Map base to create their emergency evacuation map to direct students safely. Students and staff are safely directed through the campus to allotted assembly points – supported by a secondary emergency evacuation map specifically for fire and emergency services. The schools plan now includes maps clearly marking all entry gates and emergency routes throughout the campus, and highlights potential hazards such as gas sources, power sources and chemical storage.

2,500+ students – Christchurch, New Zealand

View of Christchurch at dusk

The Community Map is a fantastic tool for students, staff, emergency and trades services alike. For students, it gives a really good, comprehensive breakdown of where everything is in the school. We have incorporated the Community Map as a fold-out page in each new student’s diary, so they won’t get lost navigating their way around buildings and the large campus. The map has also been reproduced as a large wall map which is displayed on the exterior of the school’s main building.”

Wally LauderBurnside High School Facilities Manager

Safety first

Working with AssetWhere software, the Emergency Services plan can now be sent as a PDF to local Fire and Police services and the school’s security supplier.

“It has made all students and staff at the school much safer,” says Wally.

Previous to AssetWhere the school had no digital record or map of the school’s property, buildings or assets.

“Having AssetWhere means if we need to deploy tradespeople for school maintenance or installations, I don’t have to go delving through sheets and sheets of drawings, I simply pull it up on the map. If I want drainage I pull up the drainage icon, print it off and away I go. It’s really convenient and efficient.

Over time the school will increasingly utilise more of AssetWhere’s multi-faceted capability, there’s so many layers to it, it’s a bit like peeling an onion. There will be enormous benefits to achieve once we start entering more data about the school’s assets into the program, assets such as desks and chairs that can be logged against each of our 150 classrooms.”

Planning for the future

With AssetWhere, planning future works and maintenance – and recording the work done – is as easy as clicking a button.

“Knowing what was done where and when allows us to plan much better for the ongoing upkeep at the school and results in many other efficiencies. We might have painted, carpeted and outfitted with new curtains two classrooms at the same time and down the track, we notice more wear and tear in one room compared to the other.
AssetWhere will now lead us to question why that is. How was one room used differently from the other and how can we plan better to get more optimal use out of those facilities in the future. With AssetWhere data at the click of a button we are able to plan in order to make those efficiencies and savings.”

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