Efficiency through visibility – with cloud-based facilities management

The AssetWhere facilities management solution is designed for schools. Consolidate all your building plans, grounds, and services information in one map-based interface.

AssetWhere facilities management capability is delivered by myBuildings from our partner Core Vision. It brings together all your data from different sources into one single source of truth – powering your planning and ongoing maintenance operations.

Manage contractors on your school site through our Check-In app – including induction, certification and visitor site access – ensuring compliance with school protocols.

AssetWhere facilities management solution is configurable to suit organisations of all sizes and comes with a suite of modules that can help manage:

  • Work requests
  • Reactive maintenance
  • Planned preventative maintenance
  • Induction management
  • Site attendance tracking
  • Mobile checklists for safety inspections
  • Flexible reporting dashboards and analytics
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Asset life cycle management

AssetWhere facilities management lets you manage the full life cycle of each of your assets – from building conception and design to capital works, ongoing maintenance and end of life. Every stage of the life cycle is supported by a fully documented audit trail – including each individual room and asset.

A fully documented audit trail lets you efficiently manage your entire asset portfolio, where real-time data drives your decision-making.

AssetWhere facilities management also lets your contractors receive new work requests via the app – including all relevant work details, full asset history and work instructions in one place.

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