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Fettes College

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Fettes College implemented AssetWhere to improve health and safety planning, and facilities management on its 90-acre campus.

Fettes College used AssetWhere to create a site map of the entire campus layout, buildings and services to aid facilities management and safety. Accurate fire evacuation maps for all areas of its complex grounds were also created, improving the safety of visitors, staff and its boarding students. With full visibility of its buildings, rooms and hazards, the team can now plan more efficiently to maximise the use of its facilities.

770+ students Boarding School, Edinburgh, Scotland

Fettes College classroom in Edinburgh

“AssetWhere helped our daily planning by giving a clear overview of the facilities available for events, such as room sizes and capability within those rooms, and it has helped enormously to aid the planning process longer term by providing a quick, easy-to-access site map, detailed from the whole 90-acres, right down to individual room sizes. This enables us to have a broad view to start discussions on how we can make best use of the buildings, grounds and facilities on the campus.”

Scott CrawfordFettes College Health and Safety Officer

Reduce Risk

AssetWhere enable the school to better manage its risk by collating and sharing information with contractors including fire safety information, hazardous substances and other work site information.

“It is also great for getting information to and from contractors the school uses with regards to work sites, fire safety planning and identifying locations of hazardous substances.”

Fettes College were seeking a system to aid facilities management, fire safety planning and identifying hazards including chemical stores and asbestos.

“We wanted a detailed overview of the campus layout and buildings and services to aid facilities management, fire safety planning and identifying the locations of hazardous substances such as chemical stores and asbestos.”

Future Proof

One of the big advantages of AssetWhere for Scott Crawford (Fettes College Health and Safety Officer) is the sheer scope of the tool’s functionality.

“There’s so much you can do with it and we will continue to tailor and develop our AssetWhere system to enable us to get the best use from the products. With AssetWhere the more you put in, the more you get out!”

Scott praised the AssetWhere team for being highly responsive and in its ongoing service. “They are very helpful in helping us get the best out of the system and dealing quickly with any issues which may have arisen.”

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