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St Andrew’s School

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For St Andrew’s School AssetWhere is the central place to store all its property information – a ‘single source of truth’ for property data, improving decision making and increasing efficiency.

St Andrew’s School established AssetWhere as the central repository of property information. Now the school is better able to plan for the future and maintain the 170-year-old, 24,486 sqm campus to a high standard. With AssetWhere the property and facilities management team have all the school services information at their fingertips whenever they need it. In addition, the AssetWhere Community Map has improved the experience of students, staff and visitors by providing an easier way to navigate the sprawling, articulated campus.

400+ students – Adelaide, South Australia

St Andrews' School kids

“Bringing AssetWhere on board means all the data can be found in one convenient place – not ‘one’ head – with hugely improved ease of access and capability. The increased efficiencies have brought about major savings in time and effort to boost productivity.”

Alan WilliamsBusiness Manager

Better Decision Making

With AssetWhere the school can plan more effectively, and make better, more informed decisions about property developments or maintenance.

“Having all this information in one area enables better decision making. By knowing what services are underground, exact paint colours, supplier information, window and floor areas, is an immense help when tendering, refurbishing and planning maintenance.”
Alan Williams – Business Manager

Before implementing AssetWhere, St Andrew’s School didn’t have one central place to store all the vital property information for their large and historic campus.

“Previously we had a retiring Property Manager who had all the knowledge in his head.” Alan Williams, Business Manager

AssetWhere enables the St Andrew’s School property team to better share knowledge and reduce the risk of losing critical property or safety information with staff turnover.

Painless onboarding

Initially, the idea of creating a central property information repository was a daunting prospect.

However, the school soon discovered how painless the onboarding system is. Working closely with the AssetWhere team the school progressively collating and repurposed vital property records via AssetWhere.

“It’s easy to install and the AssetWhere team were very helpful, attentive and flexible to our needs. We’ll never look back.”
Alan Williams – Business Manager

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